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Family Guidance

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Nowadays, there is a rapid transformation and development in every field from education to technology, health to the economy all over the world. Besides, the ease of communication and transportation and the rapid spread of social media causes many economic, cultural and social problems to arise. In the fast globalizing world, values ​​from the past are shaken, and traditional culture-based psychological and social support systems lose their functions. The family institution is one of the institutions most affected by this situation. The need for professional support and assistance for the family is increasing day by day due to the increasing rates of divorce, domestic violence and abuse.

Family guidance is one of the services offered to provide psychological support to families and to better understand family and family relationships. The "Family Guidance Program" is a post-graduate program in which basic information about the family is learned, the information learned is analyzed and synthesized and put into practice, professional solutions are shown to the problems in the family, and information and methods that will make the family institution stronger are taught. Graduates of the program will be able to take an active role in the protection and development of the family institution, which is affected by the rapid change and transformation in the world, and in solving the difficulties.