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Business English for Professionals

Field of study:

Duration of study:
1 year (2 semesters)


Main objectives
of the program

  • learning business communication and developing competencies in business domains
  • developing existing English language competencies in business
  • preparation in business law practice
  • familiarization with the fundamentals of business marketing and finance

Career prospects

Program przygotowany jest skierowany do osób chcących skutecznie komunikować się w biznesie, nabywając nowe kompetencje w różnych sferach biznesu, a także polepszając swoje umiejętności w komunikacji biznesowej.

Developing existing competencies in English for business broadens the range of potential thematic interests that can be useful in modifying one’s current career path or starting something entirely new! The Business English program designed for Professionals – further obligates us to ensure the highest quality of education.

This program
is for you if:

  • You have a higher education.
  • You have a B2 level proficiency in the English language.

What will you

Upon completing our studies, you will receive the following diplomas and certificates:


Certificate of completion of postgraduate studies.


Diploma of completion of postgraduate studies in English.

Curriculum and structure

The postgraduate program on Business English for Professionals is designed for individuals seeking effective communication in business, acquiring new competencies in various business spheres, and enhancing their current business communication skills to increase their job market prospects, access more prestigious positions in international companies, or start their own businesses.


All classes are conducted by practitioners – professionals with experience in working with individuals with diverse language and business developmental needs concerning personal growth and communication competencies. By selecting appropriate teaching methods, techniques, and strategies, working with business language will not only be enjoyable but also efficient. Integrating substantive business content with the English language ensures the right balance between business knowledge and the ability to use appropriate terminology and structures in practice! You will be surprised in the classes by our combination of engaging exercises, international case studies, business histories, projects, group work, presentations, role-playing, captivating discussions, as well as communication strategies for acquiring and using new vocabulary, phrasal verbs, or business structures.


The class topics are interdisciplinary and cover the most important areas of business language activities.


For those who, in addition to obtaining the Business English for Professionals diploma (160h), would like to certify their skills through the British Council, we offer preferential conditions for taking the Business English Certificate (C1) Higher exam at our University.


  1. Attributes and functions of leaders and managers.
  2. Stress management in business. Burnout.
  3. Advertising. Competition.
  4. Industries and companies.
  5. The role of globalization. Intercultural business.
  6. Production. Product. Service.
  7. Business philosophies.
  8. Ethics and social responsibility in business.
  9. Stock trading. Financial centers.
  10. Problems and risks related to unemployment and types of unemployment.

Warunkiem ukończenia jest: 80% obecności na zajęciach, aktywne uczestniczenie w zorganizowanych zajęciach oraz uzyskanie pozytywnego wyniku z egzaminu końcowego.


She holds a doctoral degree (discipline: linguistics), a master’s degree (English Studies with a teaching specialization), and a bachelor’s degree (English Studies with a business specialization). She received a very good grade on the C1-level Spanish language exam as part of her English doctoral program at the University of Warsaw. Her professional experience in academic teaching dates back to 2009, encompassing Polish institutions, such as the University of Warsaw, The Open University of the University of Warsaw, SWPS University in Warsaw, Academy of Social Sciences in Warsaw, University of Natural Sciences and Humanities in Siedlce, and currently the University of Economics and Human Sciences in Warsaw. She has also cooperated with institutions outside of Poland, including the European Education Center in Yangon, University of Vic, and University of Zagreb. She is an academic lecturer, speaker at international conferences, and has presented papers in academic institutions located in Warsaw, Wrocław, Vilnius, Pécs, Bremen, Luxembourg, Madrid, Riga, Washington, Los Angeles, or Castelló. She has authored scientific articles on business, language education, and language teacher training, including research studies related to promoting multilingualism in academic environments, as well as book chapters and reviews. Since 2007, she has been conducting Business English courses and has coordinated English-language study programs (English Studies and International Business Relations). She has offered specialized business courses, such as Marketing and Advertising, Business Environment, Personal Brand Building and Public Speaking, Key Professional and Business Skills, Presentations, Business Vocabulary, Writing and Grammar in Business, and more. She has experience working with international business executives and professionals and has provided written translations of political-business texts for the US Embassy in Vienna. She has co-organized an international conference, translated project materials and consulted language-related research and agreements. She is the author and coordinator of the Business English for Professionals postgraduate studies and the practical English language program for undergraduate English Philology studies at the University of Economics and Human Sciences in Warsaw.

Taking into account individual approaches to participants’ needs, the University reserves the right to make programmatic changes according to participants’ professional profile, substantive preparation, and interests. These changes may involve up to a maximum of 25% of the program content.

During the course of the study program, we are open to your suggestions. Together, we are shaping our future.

The presented offer is for information purposes only and does not constitute a commercial offer within the meaning of art. 66 §1 of the Civil Code.


Registration Annual
(1 installment)
Per semester
(2 installments)
(10 installments)
250 zł 6000 zł 3500 zł 800 zł

Bank account number: 10 1130 1017 0020 1508 9720 0001

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    who graduated from UEHS within the last year.


    who graduated from UEHS more than a year ago.


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External funding


Starting a postgraduate program does not have to be a financial burden. Getting funding for postgraduate studies is easier than you might think. Here are some of the available programs that you can take advantage of and complete your postgraduate studies at very attractive financial terms, with up to 100% funding. All you have to do is choose the best program for you, apply and start your postgraduate studies at the University of Economics and Human Sciences in Warsaw.

Please note that each participant individually contacts the project operator of a particular project to familiarize themselves with its terms and conditions. The project operators have their own regulations and accounting systems. After signing an agreement with an operator for a given service, contact the UEHS Postgraduate Education Center to provide the necessary documents and information.

The “OPEN” project

The initiative is co-financed by the European Social Fund and implemented by the Enterprise Development Foundation. The “Open” project is an offer of an interest-free loan for individuals who wish to expand their horizons. The loan can be used to complete courses, postgraduate studies, internships, and placements. Moreover – obtaining a postgraduate certificate gives you a chance to redeem part of the amount!